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Tower of Power

Tower of Power is an American R&B, soul, jazz and funk band founded in the year 1968 in San Francisco’s East Bay area, more specifically in Oakland, California. Tower of Power has been touring the US and the whole world ever since, and continues to do so

Black Power Movement

Black Power is a political slogan that derives from ideologies and concepts related to the African American Civil Rights Movement, and the fight against segregation and for equality in the United States. The highest peak of black power was probably during the 60s and early 70s, when

The Beatles T-shirts

The Beatles is synonym with music, England, pop and rock music, the 60s – just to name a few symbols commonly associated with the band. Even if you have never been a fan of the Fab Four, or you never actually paid much attention to them, they

Elvis Presley T-shirts II

As mentioned in the previous post, Elvis’ close friends, family members and fellow musicians, especially black folks, said that Elvis was “color blind”. Despite the controversy that arose among members of the African American community and many people that have claimed that Elvis “stole black people’s music”,

Elvis Presley T-shirts

When mentioning Led Zeppelin, Martin Luther King Jr. and The Beatles, it is impossible to deny the influence Elvis Presley had on these music bands and how the death of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis’s hometown, moved him deeply, to the point of wanting

Led Zeppelin T-Shirts

Led Zeppelin was a British rock and roll and hard rock band formed in the year 1968 in London. At the time, the Beatles were sweeping over the whole world with record sales and a massive following, making it the number one band in the history of

Iron Maiden T-shirts

Iron Maiden T-shirts Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band that formed in the year 1975, in East London. They have, to the date, been active and touring for 41 years. It is said that Iron Maiden, together with Queen and Black Sabbath, are among the

The History of Garments

In modern society, clothing are worn by humans for a number of reasons, from aesthetical like fashion to practical purposes such as to protect the body from harmful agents like harsh weather, moist, insect bites and so on. They are used even for reasons that have to