This website is about the relationship between fashion and music – in particular the iconic rock t-shirts will be covered in depth – those famously worn by rockstars as well as those who have become an immortal symbol of artistic and intellectual freedom, thanks to the band logos or images they have printed on them. On each individual page or post there is some background information and a few facts about the musician or band featured on the most famous t-shirts.

Among the top rock bands covered on these pages are Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, as well as some of the most influential artists in history of rock music such as Elvis Presley, and many more. There is also some context provided to the reader that might be interested in further information surrounding the musicians that are a part of the history and culture of the world, such as political and social aspects that may have played a role in the birth and development of these great artists.

There is also some information about the African American Civil Rights Movement and concepts such as Black Power, which were deeply associated to soul and funk, black music and artists and bands such as Otis Redding, James Brown, Tower of Power, among many others. So, as you can see, fashion does not necessarily need to be a superficial part of life, devoid of meaning, but instead, by studying and learning more about fashion one can also learn a lot about society and history.