Elvis Presley T-shirts

elvis-presley-t-shirtsWhen mentioning Led Zeppelin, Martin Luther King Jr. and The Beatles, it is impossible to deny the influence Elvis Presley had on these music bands and how the death of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis’s hometown, moved him deeply, to the point of wanting to come back to performing live after an eight year hiatus.

Elvis Presley always stuck to the policy of not making any sort of political remarks or comments in public, but he was obviously partial to the cause that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died for, and this transpired during his 1968 Comeback TV Special, which marked Elvis’s return to live performances and making records again, putting him back in the center of attention of media and the world of music.

Since an early age, Elvis always enjoyed listening to country and gospel music with his folks; they lived in a really poor neighborhoud in Tupelo Mississippi, where more than half the population consisted of African Americans. As a kid, Elvis would literally sneak into churches where white people were not allowed, participating in church services limited to a black audience only, and he was fascinated by the way African Americans sang and play the gospel and the blues.

It is probably known to pretty much anyone that knows a thing or two about history that racial segregation in the South of United States has been a serious issue, a venom that does not seem to allow the country’s old wounds to heal. However, people that knew Elvis as well as his fellow musicians agree that Elvis was “color blind”, even if there has been a lot of controversy from the African American community, claiming that Elvis stole their music. But he always gave them credit for his inspiration. Elvis and Las Vegas are almost synonyms. Las Vegas is also the city of casinos and neon lights, so Click here to find out more about an interesting twist to gambling and betting, such as Elvis themed casino games, etc.

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