Iron Maiden T-shirts

Iron Maiden T-shirts

iron-maiden-t-shirtsIron Maiden is a British heavy metal band that formed in the year 1975, in East London. They have, to the date, been active and touring for 41 years. It is said that Iron Maiden, together with Queen and Black Sabbath, are among the most successful British heavy metal bands in history. That is highly likely, given that there is almost no country on Earth where Iron Maiden does not have supporters, fans and has not toured or played. Musicologists and music journalists attribute this success to the fact that the Iron Maiden members have been pioneers within the new wave of British heavy metal style of music.

One of the most controversial aspects of this band is the opposition they have encountered from many religious groups, being labeled and accused of being Satanists or Satan supporters, due to the inclusion of lyrics they deemed playful in their songs that talk about biblical symbology and allegories related to the advent of the Apocalypse, the Devil, Hell and things of that nature. What these religious groups or people failed to see, however, is that the Iron Maiden members have nothing to do with Satanic cults or sects, and they do not support violence or gore in any way, but rather, they are creative writers who have managed to create a specific image for the band, associated to mythical and fantastic creatures and tales, basically identifying a core target like in marketing and advertising.

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