Led Zeppelin T-Shirts

led-zeppelin-t-shirtsLed Zeppelin was a British rock and roll and hard rock band formed in the year 1968 in London. At the time, the Beatles were sweeping over the whole world with record sales and a massive following, making it the number one band in the history of music. At the same time, across the Atlantic, in the U.S., Elvis was making a comeback, after being away from live performances and making records for 8 years, due to a depression following his mother’s death and film contract duties with Hollywood.

The members of Led Zeppelin were big fans of the King of rock and roll and by the time of the band’s formation, were already experienced musicians, with Jimmy Page being a member of rock, blues and psychedelic rock band The Yardbirds, which on switching band members, ended up becoming Led Zeppelin.

Some claim that it was just a coincidence that the world saw the reemergence of the king of rock and roll the same year that Led Zeppelin had their very first rehearsal and gig, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and The Beatles released their mythical “White Album”.

In any case, 1968 was a year of world commotion, not only culturally but also politically and in terms of human rights and war. American involvement in the Vietnam War, for example, peaked in 1968, just when the communist side (Viet Cong and North Vietnam) launched the Tet Offensive, one of the largest military offensive strategies in the Vietnam War.

Led Zeppelin is regarded as one of the most acclaimed, innovative and influential bands in history, as well as among the best selling bands history. One historical weekend in 1974, Led Zeppelin played the same venue as Elvis in LA and they were able to meet their teenage hero. Hurry up and get your Led Zeppelin T-shirt today!

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