The Beatles T-shirts

the-beatles-t-shirtsThe Beatles is synonym with music, England, pop and rock music, the 60s – just to name a few symbols commonly associated with the band. Even if you have never been a fan of the Fab Four, or you never actually paid much attention to them, they can’t be completely off your own personal radar. The Beatles. You may be familiar with them thanks to your grandparents or parents or someone else you know, they may have been mentioned as an influence by a band you like, you could have seen footage on tv about the so called “British Invasion”, screaming hordes of girls running around chasing them down the streets after concerts. In other areas of this site we have talked about Elvis and what he meant for rock and roll music.

Naturally, The Beatles were also big fans of the King, they had grown up listening to his music and they even got to meet him in person. Elvis received the Fab Four in his very own home one afternoon and the meeting quickly turned into a party which lasted till the early morning hours. During the year 1972, after a series of live performances that Elvis had in the Madison Square Garden in NYC, John Lennon appeared himself live on stage at the MSG too and during one of his shows, he covered one or two Elvis’ songs and shouted to the audience “Elvis I love You!”

In any case, The Beatles have been such an important part of not only music culture in the whole wide world, but also a part of pop culture altogether, and that is why basically just anyone in the world is sure to have some sort of memory or association to this mythical band from Liverpool.

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