Tower of Power

tower-of-powerTower of Power is an American R&B, soul, jazz and funk band founded in the year 1968 in San Francisco’s East Bay area, more specifically in Oakland, California. Tower of Power has been touring the US and the whole world ever since, and continues to do so till this date. Some members of the original lineup of the band had either died or left the band though; it is obviously hard to keep a band of over 12 people together on the road for so many years, and some members have left the band temporarily for personal reasons, such as raising their families etc.

Many of them rejoined the band several years later to keep playing and touring. One of the most interesting facts about Tower of Power is that, in 1968, during a time of political upheaval in the US, following the Vietnam War and the assassination of both Martin Luther King Jr. and US President Bobby Kennedy, this was a band whose lineup has always been made up of members of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The founding member of the band is Emilio Castillo, a tenor and alto saxophone player of Mexican origin, who was having auditions in his parents’ garage in Oakland. One of the first members to join the band was Stephen “Doc” Kupka, who plays baritone sax. Today, both band members are about 70 years old and still tour the world with the band, despite the strenuous routine these international engagements demand. TOP has had several vocalists through the years, with Lenny Williams probably being one of the most famous ones, during the time the band had its biggest commercial success, in 1973. TOP has played with several internationally renowned artists like Santana, Huey Lewis, Sam Moore, among others. You can order your Tower of Power merchandise or t-shirts from this web site or from the band’s official site!

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